Thomas Christy

Obituary of Thomas Allen Christy

The Wall As we approach those final days And restlessly await our fate unknown We remember back to the many ways That we lived with others and also all alone Did we treat with them in a caring manner? Or act as though they did not matter Did we act with courage and live with honor? Or demean their being and leave lives in tatters. We know not what lies beyond death's door Do we live on still in those we love so much? Does the end fade to black or will there be more? Do we only survive in those lives we have touched? Weep not for me old friend For these last few years were filled with the pain Of illness and the sadness of a life condemned To never share health with friends nor family again I go to my rest with a heart filled to the brim Of knowing a peace and a true love that are rare Having shared my life's journey with my daughters and Kim And also with Paul who is hard to compare My eyes fill with tears when I think of leaving you all So much will I miss those I truly care for But my body is broken beyond any recall And I look forward to seeing what lies over life's wall There I will await those that I love To share life anew on times nether shore To be reunited again by my spirit above Or to travel through space and remember no more. Tom Christy