Norma Press

Funeral Ceremony

2:00 pm
Friday, February 4, 2022
Kraft-Sussman Funeral Services
3975 S. Durango Drive #104
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Obituary of Norma Press

Norma Press completed her life on the 1st of February at the young age of 89. Norma was a native of Springfield Mass. Born on October 2 1932 to Phillip and Lillian Lapides. Norma was destined to live a life filled with beauty. She will be missed by all whom she touched - and that was many. From everything she did, everyone she touched, everything she was - everything about her was grand. Her elegance, her charm, her sophistication, her grace, her beauty, her manner, her sense of humor, her smile, and her impeccable taste, all made her the epitome of a lady. When you were in her presence, you felt special and you knew that you were with someone truly exceptional. She was simply the ultimate lady - Norma. She always found a way to live life to the fullest. Her love of life was obvious. Her very presence elevated even the most ordinary to something extraordinary. Her adventurous spirit took her all over the world, and later in life, she brought the world to her. She faced her share of challenges with the passing of her children daughter Lisa and son Scott. Norma became a proud and determined cancer survivor. Regardless the tragedy, Norma responded - with an inner strength and firm conviction that defined her very being. She overcame adversity - and why not - she believed life was there to live...and she lived it! Above all, she lived for and loved her family. And, they loved her. She was a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend and beloved matriarch. She devoted her life to family and her husband of 68 years Norman who adored her. Her daughter Lynda her first born a beautiful child who is the very essence of her mother always there and so supportive she loved Lynda. Lynda who gave Norma one of the greatest gifts twin grandsons. She made sure you knew you were special and loved. It was one of her many enduring gifts that was the mark she left on family and those she loved. While she cherished her time with friends, there was nothing that made her happier than being with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She will be so dearly missed by so many. Yet, the lessons, the gifts and her zeal for life will carry on in all whom she touched. Her mark is one that will never fade - it simply wasn't her style. She will forever be remembered as the ultimate lady we love you and will always work to carry on your legacy of love. Norma always preached peace of mind, peace in the heart peace in the soul it comes from love and laughter. In life as in her passing she was a woman of valor.
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