Beatrice Bann

Funeral Service

12:40 pm
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery
1900 Veterans Memorial Drive
Boulder City, Nevada, United States

Obituary of Beatrice Bann

This is a loving tribute to Beatrice Bann (Bea to her friends) of Las Vegas, NV who passed away on July 9th, 2017. Bea was predeceased by her father and mother, Philip and Rosie Margoles. She had two sisters, both now deceased, Sarah and Zelda. She is survived by her husband of 69 years, Herbert and her children, Gary and Sherri. She is also survived by her five grandchildren, Elaina, Angela, Charles, Mitchell and Jacqueline, and eight great-grandchildren.

All of her 92 years, Bea had a entertaining sense of humor. She was born into a Yiddish-speaking family in Toronto and picked up English playing on the streets as a young child. Bea often told the story of playing hooky from school to go ice skating (unfortunately, the ice rink was right across from the school). She let her teacher know she didn't need to learn math, because she was going to be a violinist. Bea used to take the streetcars all over Toronto, even to her violin lessons. She was the Jewish concert mistress of the Catholic school orchestra and the nuns used to gather round Bea's mother at the concerts. When she was sixteen and earned enough money, she bought a bicycle and delivered telegrams, ventured on bike rides many miles long. Later she wore out Herb on a forty mile ride.

Bea went to work as a stenographer for Fairbanks-Morse in Toronto. She met Herb while vacationing in New York and they married in 1947. For thirty-seven years, Bea lived and raised her family on Sylvan Street in Reseda, California. She loved to experiment with new recipes. She volunteered to help her children's teachers by correcting spelling tests, using Canadian spelling and docking everyone points. However, she very successfully helped the school music teacher by teaching violin and many of her students were able to transfer to Mrs. Piastro, a Julliard trained professional teacher. She volunteered for years with the Vanalden Street Elementary School PTA and was awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership.

Bea read mysteries voraciously, being especially fond of Agatha Christie. She hated going to the doctor; finding herself in the hospital just recently, she told her helper, "When I find out who put me in here, I'm going to kill them. And I've read a lot of murder stories; I can get away with it."

As her children grew up, their places were filled by dogs and work. Snowflake, Bea's first dog, was a much-loved mixed breed. Niki, Kilo, Lollipop and Kale were Samoyeds and became the basis of her passion for the breed. Herb and Bea were active members of the Southern California Samoyed Club, collating and publishing the annual Samoyed Club Calendar. For their services, SCSC made Bea and Herb Honorary Life Members.

With her children out of the house, Bea went back into the workforce, joining the accounting department at Data Products. She enjoyed arranging company parties and was seen dressed for Halloween as Miss Piggy and as The Little Teapot, short and stout. In retirement, Bea and Herb moved to Las Vegas. They developed many friendships and Bea was widely known to be a Bingo expert and extremely lucky, playing twelve cards at a time and twelve more upside down, watching out for Herb.

Services are pending. Please omit flowers. In lieu of flowers, Bea's family would prefer a donation to the Jewish National Fund to plant a tree in Israel.

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