Funeral Options that Families can Explore with Las Vegas, NV Cremations

By: Laura Sussman
Monday, October 29, 2018

Planning for a funeral is among the hardest things to come to terms with, because it forces people to confront the uneasy reality that they will soon pass on from their families or lose a loved one. To add insult to this injury, traditional funerary expenses cost an average minimum of $7,000 and can often wind up exceeding $10,000. It’s primarily, though not only, for this reason that Las Vegas, NV cremations are becoming more popular. Nationally, a slight majority of deaths (51%) are cremated as of 2017, and in Nevada, the number is higher, with approximately 70% of deaths now being cremated, according to the Cremation Association of North America. 

Cremations are advantageous to many families because they will always be cheaper than a traditional funeral that results in a burial, as different choices of cremation services will save on certain funerary expenses. However, families have more than one option when it comes to cremating the deceased. 

The least expensive kind of cremation is a direct cremation. In this procedure, the body is cremated shortly after death occurs, and before any kind of funeral or memorial service has taken place. The remains of the deceased will then be immediately returned to his or her survivors. This procedure usually costs about $2,150, which is roughly $6,000 less than the average minimum for a traditional funeral in the United States. The low cost is because all of the traditional funeral expenses, such as embalming fees, a casket, a gravestone, and the cost of the funeral service itself, are foregone. The family can then choose to have a memorial service for the deceased after the body is cremated, if they so desire. 

However, families who may wish for the emotional or spiritual comforts of a traditional funeral, while still wanting to save some expenses with Las Vegas, NV cremations, have other options. If you prefer, you can hold a more traditional funeral service with a cremation instead of a burial once the service has concluded. This will require additional expenses, such as embalming fees and amenities for guests at the service itself. By choosing a cremation, families can avoid paying in full for a casket, because they can rent one instead of buying it, as there will be no need for a burial. After the service, the casket can be returned to the funeral provider. 

Before you choose any kind of funerary services, you should consult with an experienced funeral director. If you have any questions about cremations, whether they’re appropriate for you, and the traditional funerary procedures you might be able to have with a cremation, contact Laura Sussman of  Kraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services. Having been a funeral director for ten years, she’ll answer any questions you have about Las Vegas, NV cremations with professionalism and empathy for your needs at this vulnerable time. You can contact her by calling (702) 485-6500. Kraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services is located at 3975 S. Durango Drive, Suite 104 Las Vegas, NV 89147. 

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