Why Residents Should Preplan with North Las Vegas, NV Funeral Homes

By: Laura Sussman
Monday, October 15, 2018

Thinking about a potential funeral is something most people understandably wish to avoid. The thought forces us to come to grips with our own mortality or the fact that we may lose a loved one soon. This all too often leads to a denialism that can add further stress in the aftermath of a death and cost families many thousands of dollars that they hadn’t been prepared to spend. For these reasons, it’s vital that resident families think about preplanning a potential funeral with North Las Vegas, NV funeral homes. 

The average traditional funeral in the United States costs $7,000 at least. Costs can often run over $10,000, an exorbitant sum for many families. This is because there are many expenses which accumulate throughout the funeral process, such as embalming fees, amenities for guests to the service, a casket, a gravestone, and so on. If families rush into the funeral process without planning, they may find themselves paying certain expenses that they hadn’t planned on. 

It’s vital to know what you want out of a funeral long before the event takes place. The last way that a family should approach a funeral is under stress after having recently lost a loved one. The financial stakes are too high. 

Funeral preplanning begins by knowing what you want in a funeral service. For example, if your first priority is to save money, you may wish to look at the option for cremation. If you wish to have the comfort of traditional funeral procedures but still pay less than the average for them, you may wish to explore the option of a cremation after a traditional service, which can save some expenses, such as a gravestone or the need to purchase a casket. 

The Federal Trade Commission has certain rules in place for funeral preplanning in order to protect consumers. In order to promote transparency, the North Las Vegas, NV funeral homes you’re looking at have to provide you with a list of various funeral services, equipment, and what those things will cost. 

At the end of the funeral preplanning process, a contract between you and your chosen funeral home may be signed. This is sometimes referred to as a preneed contract, which will outline the expenses you agree to undertake with the funeral home. Funeral preplanning doesn’t necessitate that you prepay for anything. Be sure to scrutinize what, if any, money goes out in a preneed contract. 

You should never do any funeral preplanning or agree to any preneed contract without first consulting with an experienced funeral director. If you have any questions about funeral preplanning with North Las Vegas, NV funeral homes, don’t hesitate to contact Laura Sussman of  Kraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services. With ten years of experience as a funeral director, she’ll answer your questions with professionalism and complete empathy for your needs. You can contact her by phone at (702) 485-6500. The funeral home can be located at 3975 S. Durango Drive, Suite 104 Las Vegas, NV 89147. 

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