Aquamation/Alkaline Hydrolysis Cremation Services

By: Kraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services
Monday, December 2, 2019

When you work on cremation services in Las Vegas, NV, you probably already know there are a lot of options. Should you go with a traditional visitation and funeral first and then cremation? Or straight to the cremation process? While cremation generally deals with a lot of heat to reduce the body to ash, there’s another option within the industry that you might not know that much about… Aquamation/alkaline hydrolysis cremation. 


This type of cremation is also called water cremation. It takes the traditional cremation procedure and simulates a more natural tissue and bone decaying process that could be better for the environment overall. Water cremations don’t involve burning so there aren’t any carbon emissions put out into the atmosphere. 


With water cremation, the body is placed in a steel chamber for the process and that chamber is then filled with a solution that is mostly water with a slight bit of potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide. The pressure within the chamber is then raised to a very high level so the mixture won’t boil. Once the pressure is up, the chamber is raised in heat to 300 degrees for anywhere from 4-6 hours. The pressure, heat, and solution work together to break the body down. Things slowly dissolve until there are only bones left. After the process is complete, the bones are removed, dried and crushed into ash, which is then returned to the family, just like a flame cremation. 


Water cremation showcases a lighter coloring in the ashes than traditional cremation since the body is reduced to ash in water and not by heat. While Aquamation/alkaline hydrolysis cremation might sound like an odd process, it’s really just a sped-up version of what happens to a body if it were to naturally decay in the earth. The method itself has only been around since 2007 so it is still very new, but the laws of water are nothing new at all and this form of cremation may very well be the new wave in the future. 


If you’d like to consider water cremation, or at least want to know more about it when you are planning Las Vegas, NV cremation services, the professionals at Kraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services can answer your questions. Cremation has been around for thousands of years and is widely accepted as a final disposition method today. The Aquamation/alkaline hydrolysis cremation process is still quite new, in comparison. But since it is so much easier on the environment and gets results naturally, it may very well be much more popular in future years. Give us a call at (702) 485-6500, whether you need to arrange services for a loved one, want to pre-plan for yourself, or just have questions about anything cremation-related. You can also set up a time to talk to our funeral director, get packages, and customize options. We’re located at 3975 S Durango Dr Ste 104 Las Vegas, NV 89147 and we’re happy to show you around so you can see our facilities and how our firm can help you and your family. 

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