Details On Pre-Paying A Funeral Home

By: Kraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services
Monday, September 23, 2019

You know your family loves you and that they would want the best for you when you pass on. But it can also be nice to contact funeral homes in Las Vegas, NV and pre-plan your own services. That way, you get exactly what you want and your family doesn’t have to guess as to what that might be. They don’t have any extra chores to do when you pass on, like planning your services. Instead, you can have everything all laid out and all they have to do is call the funeral home that holds your plans to start the ball rolling. While you can put plans into place at no charge, you could also pre-pay the funeral home for whatever services you want to have. There are advantages to doing that so it’s worth considering. Here are a few details to help you make a decision one way or another. 

You Can Pay Today’s Prices 

Do a little research and you should be able to find out what funeral prices were a decade ago versus what they are today. It’s easy enough to tell that prices on everything is going up and that includes the prices on final services. When you pre-pay for whatever services you want, you pay today’s prices and you get those services in the future, whenever it is that you actually use them. You stand to save a lot of money—money that could go to your family instead. 

Take Further Burdens From Your Family 

One of the reasons you might be pre-planning in the first place is because you want to relieve your family members of that planning burden. When you pre-pay, that’s one more burden you are taking from their shoulders. They not only don’t have to worry about what plans you want, but they also don’t have to worry about paying for those plans. It’s nice for them to be able to support one another without extra worries when they will already be going through so much. 

That Final Gift 

You likely have a will in place so you can give your family members certain monetary amounts, certain possessions, and other final gifts. But planning and pre-paying for your funeral are also gifts that they won’t soon forget. You care for your family and this is one final way that you can show that you were thinking of them, even in putting together your own services and paying for them yourself. 

It’s not always easy to figure out what you want for final services, but your funeral homes in Las Vegas, NV are here to help. Contact Kraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services for packages that can help you figure out what direction you want to take. Call us at (702) 485-6500 to start the discussion. Time is on your side and you can talk to family and mull over what you want to put into place for yourself in the future. Visit with us in person at3975 S Durango Dr Ste 104 Las Vegas, NV 89147. 


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