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By: Kraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services
Monday, September 2, 2019

When you have to make a decision for a loved one, or you are working on your own pre-arrangements with funeral homes in Las Vegas, NV, there are a multitude of reasons to go one way or the other between cremation and traditional burial. There are also no right or wrong reasons to choose one over the other. Funeral home personnel are in the center of those decisions because those representatives hear people at their darkest times, trying to do what is right for those they love. They are also there as people think about their own mortality and try to grapple with what they want to have happen after they pass on. Here are some of the things people sometimes say regarding cremation as they try to make plans. 

I Don’t Want Burial Because I’m Claustrophobic 

Claustrophobia is a real fear of enclosed spaces. If you know you don’t like small spots that seem hard to get out of, burial might not be for you. Sure, you are gone and your body is all that’s left behind. But if you don’t like small spaces, there’s nothing wrong with planning a cremation for yourself instead of being buried. If you’re planning for a loved one and you know they feel that way, cremation may be a good fit for them as well. 

The Environment Is Important To Me 

While the debate continues over environmentally-friendly options, cremation wins in a number of areas. If you or a loved one is cremated, there are carbon emissions that go out into the atmosphere. However, there’s no burying of materials like metal that will never break down, and there’ll be no use of embalming fluids that will eventually seep into the earth. There’s also no space taken up in cemeteries, which are becoming more and more full as the years pass by. If you want to do the best for the environment, cremation might be the right option for you. 

I Don’t Want To Be An Experiment 

Have you ever watched a TV show about an archaeological dig in some ancient world? Sure, it’s centuries off, but you never know if that could be you in the future if you are buried. If you don’t want to chance becoming something for someone to discover someday, cremation is a good way to go. 

More often, families decide on cremation because of cost, flexibility, and other reasons. But funeral homes in Las Vegas, NV have heard all of the above items as well. Keep in mind that there’s no right reason to choose cremation. If it’s what you want for yourself or a family member, the experts at Kraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services will support you. Call us at (702) 485-6500 and we’ll help you get things set up and in order. You can also meet with our funeral director at 3975 S Durango Dr Ste 104 Las Vegas, NV 89147. We’re happy to go over options in detail until you find just the right fit for your circumstances. You can also look things over online at our website: 

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