Gail Schlossberg

Obituary of Gail Schlossberg

Gail Sherry Levitt-Schlossberg

September 8, 1956 – June 17, 2017

Gail was born is Philly, PA to her loving mother and father Roslyn and Abraham Levitt and her older sister of nine years, Sharon (Levitt) Baronoff.

At 20 years old, Gail moved to Las Vegas with friends, where she eventually obtained a double Masters Degree in Social Work and Psychology from UNLV. She studied tremendously hard, all the while completing secretarial work at a law firm during the day, body building for three hours daily, and attending UNLV during the nighttime.

Eventually in 1990 she was set up with a fellow "nice Jewish boy" – a policeman to boot – and in 1995 they became married, rendering Gail now, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Schlossberg.

In 1995, she gave birth to the love of her life, Remy Elise Schlossberg. Remy is, was, and will always be the ultimate pride and joy of her life. She will honor her by finishing college next year, attending medical school, and all the other particulars that Jewish mothers desire for their children.

Her life was really about her family and friendships. Friends are the family that we choose for ourselves, and Gail really embodied this truism. She made all of her friends feel like blood: she was a confidante, a sister, selfless, and devoted. If she cared about you, she fought for you, often telling friends what they needed to hear – not what they wanted to hear and all the same with her family members. She would do anything for you.

She was the people's advocate. Some of her life's work as a Social Worker included but is in no way limited to:

-Establishing the Aid for AIDS Nevada (AFAN)

-Helping to start the Shade Tree Women's Shelter

-Mobile Assistance and Shelter for the Homeless (MASH)

-Was appointed a special councilwoman to family court, where she would advise action plans for at risk youth

Her husband and daughter, Alan and Remy Schlossberg; her sister and brother-in-law, Sharon and Jay Baronoff; her niece and nephew, Melissa and David Baronoff; and her father-in-law, Robert Schlossberg, survived her.

Further, she was predeceased by her mother and father, Roslyn and Abraham Levitt, and her mom-in-law, Marilyn Schlossberg.

The service will be at 11:00 AM on Friday, June 23 at Temple Sinai (9001 Hillpointe Road), and the burial will follow at Palm Northwest Cemetery (6701 N. Jones Blvd.).

The Schlossberg home will be open until the people stop coming!

In her honor, please donate to the Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research (IMBCR). Let's end this for mothers, sisters, and great-aunts, alike.