John Leander Patterson

February 1, 2018 John Leander Patterson III, AKA JP, age 72 left this world and moved on to the next. Born to John L Patterson Jr and Edith Kurtz Patterson in Pensacola September 29, 1945. He spent his formative years in Woodbury NJ where he attended Woodbury High School graduating in 1963.

John went on to study Theatre at Emerson where he found his passion for technical theatre. From there he split his time between raising a new family, working with his father at JL Patterson Contracting and performing puppet shows with his then wife Julia Perse Beardsley. But JP could not resist the call of the road and from there began a 20 plus year journey working with such companies as The Acting Company and The Guthrie Theatre, The Scots Guard and Black Watch 42nd regiment, The Ice Capades and The Big Apple Circus, just to name a few. JP called himself a Shakespeare roadie, just like rock and roll but with older groupies.

A lifelong stagehand and member of IATSE, JP toured the world and was very proud to have worked shows in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and Southeast Asia. He could tell you the best bar in every city he traveled to and the best places to eat along the road. He worked with luminaries and roustabouts treating them all with the same down to earth honesty and humor that only JP had.

JP was larger than life and loved to tell the many tales of a life well-traveled and lived and most of them, though hard to believe, were true. He touched many people, sometimes inappropriately, and he left a mark on all he met and knew. He had a heart the size of a truck, which he could drive like nobody else, sparkling blue eyes and a smile to match. He could also be the biggest curmudgeon who would not hesitate to speak his mind, no matter the situation. Contrary to his wife's prediction he did not die by getting stabbed by a pissed off stranger in a bar because of something he said.

JP is survived by his wife of 28 years, Jenny, two children, Caroline of Pasadena CA and John L Patterson IV of Las Vegas as well as his three grandchildren, John L Patterson V, Thomas A, and Jenna. He is predeceased by both Parents and a brother who wished to remain anonymous.

A memorial wake will be held in his honor on Saturday February 10th beginning at 2:30pm at Crab Corner located at 6485 S Rainbow Blvd Suite 104 Las Vegas NV 89118.