Donald Tenney Larsen

Donald "Don" Tenney Larsen, age 81, peacefully completed his earthly mission to be welcomed home by his Heavenly Father on November 27, 2017, after a long fight with colon cancer. Don was born June 29, 1936 to Peter Fielding Larsen and Emma Belle Tenney Larsen. He was very close to his loving siblings Ernie Larsen, Charlene Larsen McCutcheon, and Jean Marie Larsen Rolfson.

Since a young boy, Don had a passion for learning, designing, and creating. He graduated from Chandler High School in Chandler, Arizona at age 17 and began working as an apprentice. He completed a degree in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering. He loved his work of designing and creating aircrafts, gliders, and drones always tinkering with a new “out of the box” design or idea. Perhaps his most crowning achievements will not ever be known by even his most beloved family members as he was a true patriot, and being sworn to secrecy, was instrumental in the development and implementation of many technologies in the support of our national freedoms…at least that is what most of his loved ones had always suspected. The truth to these suspicions follow him to his next state and will perhaps never be confirmed. Nevertheless, it is well documented that he was heavily involved with the B2 bomber program in his earlier years and because of his love and skill for RC Airplane flight, was instrumental in the mentoring of other patriots in the use of large scale drones.

Don loved writing, and emailing his loved ones. He enjoyed creating artwork including "Outer-Space Art" and traveling to explore the ruins with his brother, Ernie. He enjoyed health and keeping active. Don is said by many to be "the most optimistic person they know. There was not an ounce of guile in his body." Don was kind, compassionate, giving, loyal, intelligent, humorous, and just a joy to be around.

All of Don's children and grandchildren love and adore him. He will be missed greatly by all those who knew him.

Don is preceded by his former wife, Margaret Rodgers, and survived by their children, Roger Dale Larsen, Laura Larsen Stephens, Karen Larsen Plotkin, and Carla Larsen Stonebarger; preceded by his former wife, Lurali Dutson and survived by their children, Elayne Larsen Bray and Steve von Hargett; survived by his former wife, Roberta Jeane Clark and their children, Matthew Jeffery Larsen and Ian Jeffery Larsen; preceded by his late wife, Carol Sue Doughty and survived by their children , Robin Larsen Dalton (Kendall) 4 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren, Scott Larsen (Veronica) 9 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren , and Crystal Larsen Clark (David) 4 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren; survived by his wife and sweetheart, Nevha Jean, her children and his step-children, Aaron Osborne, (Brenda Osborne), Virena Osborne Blackwell, Melissa Osborne Morales, Ericka Osborne Farmer, (Eric Farmer), Leslea Osborne Edwards, (Brett Edwards), preceded by Angela Osborne Johnson (Jessi Johnson) and survived by many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Services will be held on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at 9580 South Peace Way, Las Vegas, Nevada. The viewing will be from 11:00am–1:00pm. The chapel service will be from 1:00pm–2:00 pm.

Burial services will be held on Monday, December 4, 2017 from 3:00pm-4:00pm at Evergreen Cemetery located at 1997 South 400 East, Springville, Utah 84664.